The villa

A perfect blend of breathtaking architecture design

The Villa, originally designed by the renowned Greek architect Mr. Constantinos Decavalas as a vacation residence for himself and his family, holds historical significance. The nearby road played a pivotal role post-World War II, hosting gatherings for artists, singers, actors, and serving as a backdrop for numerous Greek films. Adjacent to our property stands the residence of the illustrious theater director Dimitris Rontiris. Renowned for hosting iconic figures like Aliki Vougiouklaki, Tzeni Karezi, Melina Merkouri, and other esteemed actors and actresses, the neighborhood echoes with the rich legacy of Greek theater. Experience the cultural ambiance that surrounds Villa1951, where the echoes of theatrical greatness resonate in every corner. Today, the Villa stands as a meticulously renovated retreat, ready to welcome you with a blend of luxury, relaxation, and cultural exploration.

VILLA 1951

distinct colors and character

Each room within the Villa exhibits distinct colors and character, seamlessly harmonizing with the original floors and decorative details. The property features six bedrooms, spread across two identical floors that can be rented separately. Each floor includes its own living room, dining room, kitchen, veranda and three bedrooms.

utmost comfort

Designed to ensure utmost comfort, the house is equipped with top-notch amenities such as Coco-Mat mattresses, modern kitchen facilities, well-appointed outdoor spaces, and air conditioning. With a total area of 250 sq. m., the property provides ample space for your enjoyment.

The Garden

unwind in tranquility

In the lush garden, surrounded by large trees, you can indulge in al-fresco lunches. The hanging chair on the balcony invites you to unwind in tranquility. The garden’s centerpiece is the glass swimming pool, offering a unique and refreshing experience after a day of sightseeing or a beach afternoon. Our guests have exclusive use of the garden and pool.


an ideal holiday destination

Situated just 1 km from the heart of the chic Glyfada district, Villa 1951 provides convenient access to attractive shops, excellent restaurants, and cafes. Moreover, the center of Athens and the iconic Parthenon are easily reachable in less than an hour by public transport. In summary, Villa 1951 is an ideal holiday destination for those who appreciate luxury, relaxation, and cultural exploration.

where luxury meets lifestyle

Glyfada is an upscale Athenian Riviera gem in the northern suburbs, where luxury meets lifestyle. Indulge in exquisite dining, vibrant nightlife, and the chic allure of an upscale neighborhood. With its coastal charm, Glyfada seamlessly combines the best of fine living, making it a premier destination for those seeking luxury, culinary delights, and a pulsating social scene. Welcome to Glyfada, where sophistication takes center stage.

Commercial use

Welcome to Villa1951 where luxury meets functionality. Our villa is available for commercial use, be it for:



Video clips


Corporate meetings

Corporate events

Villa1951 has earned the trust of renowned names and brands. Esteemed clients such as Vogue Hellas, Praktiker, MaxStores, prominent Greek photographers, influencers, artists, musicians, and actors have chosen our venue for their photoshoots and videos.


We take pride in being the preferred choice for creative professionals and esteemed brands. Join the ranks of those who have experienced the unique charm and versatility of Villa1951for their artistic and commercial endeavors. Contact us to discuss how our villa can be the perfect backdrop for your next project.